All new websites include the following:
Custom design so your website doesn't look like a template.
Every site includes at least one interactive element (like a slideshow) to give life to your site.
Browser-compliant coding with testing in popular modern browsers including handheld devices.
Optimized for search terms so people can find your site easily.
Google stats which you can see at any time.
Phone and email consultations throughout the process.
On time and on budget! (as long as you give us everything we need when we need it, and stick with your original plan to stay on budget).

We also offer the following:
Redesign of your existing website.
Maintenance of your website.
Social media presence creation (facebook, twitter, etc).
Graphic design.
Website consultation.

We can also do extras like:
Photo retouching.
Take photos.
Shoot, edit, and upload video...we can even create a short promo for your business.

And on the business end, we can:
Create spreadsheets and other documents to help you track any aspect of your business, from finances to statistics.